The stats speaks for themselves. A report by The Athletic in 2018 found that the average salary for a Triple-A player was $15,000, $9,350 in Double-A, and only $,6000 in Single-A. Again, these were the average salaries.

In comparison, the federal poverty line in 2018 for an individual was $12,140. This means the average players in Single-A and Double-A were living below the poverty line.

But wages and salary aren't the only issues minor league players face. Affordable housing that gives players flexibility in the event of being trading; Access to healthy, nutritious, and affordable food; Connection to necessary and quality equipment; Financial literacy, career, and life soft skills education.

As fans of Minor League baseball, we are grateful for the entertainment these athletes provide for us. But we also know they are human beings just like us. 

As a result, we are donating a portion of every box sold to nonprofits whose missions are to support players and provide them with essential resources during and after their minor league careers.

The organization we are supporting is More Than Baseball. More Than Baseball's mission is "to protect and enhance the future of our game [of baseball] by allowing every ballplayer to live a better life during and after their carers."

We encourage you to check out their website and support their work as well!