Our mission is to share the joy of sports by introducing fans to their favorite team they haven't met.

We do this by combining two things we love: 1) sports and 2) receiving mail.

Growing up, we loved every aspect of it! Even when we weren't playing, we always tried catch our favorite teams in action; whether live in person, on TV, on the radio, or even recorded on the VCR. 

Occasionally we would discover new teams, and even new sports, flipping through channels on the weekends and we would become fans. We’d look up information on the sports in encyclopedias. We’d scour the sports page to see how the teams were doing. We’d talk to each other to see if they knew anything.

It is this child-like wonder and excitement that we want to share with you all.

At the same time in our lives, one of the best things to happen in a day was receiving mail. Even more so when it was a package. Getting mail was like a smaller version of a birthday (minus the cake, of course).

I guess this is why we love the idea of a subscription box. I mean, who doesn't get excited when a package arrives with their name on it? And you have to admit that even though what’s in the box is a surprise, knowing it contains fan gear is pretty thrilling, right?